Training Timelines

New Mexico National Guard Training Timelines

What to Expect When You Are Training with the New Mexico National Guard

Joining the New Mexico National Guard involves more than showing up at your assigned unit. When you join our team, we have your back. To get ready to be a part of a team, you must complete several phases of New Mexico National Guard Training including:

  • Basic Training for 10 weeks
  • Weekend Training every month
  • Active Duty Training for 2 weeks every year

We help you prepare for your National Guard service as soon as you enlist by spending your training weekends in the Recruit Sustainment Program before you begin Basic Training. You learn how to meet the military requirements for following orders and respecting the chain of command, practicing drills with your peers, and getting--and staying--in great physical fitness.

New Mexico National Guard Training

New Mexico National Guard Weekend Training

When you train one weekend per month with your New Mexico National Guard unit, you learn skills and processes to fulfill the mission and meet future defense needs.

Weekend training is intensive and uses learning methods to simulate real-life emergencies and service. Training also provides opportunities to apply new skills to community and national missions such as environmental cleanup and restoration and infrastructure development.

National Guard Basic Training

National Guard training begins with basic training--the same training for all Army recruits. This is ten weeks of learning Army procedures and values so you can follow and meet requirements, weapons training, and tactical training. When you finish basic training, you will move on to complete Advanced Individual Training to learn your Military Occupation Specialty (MOS). This training is made available in many ways to accommodate your work or school schedule. After Basic and Advanced training, you are ready to be assigned to your New Mexico National Guard unit to begin your weekend training.

Active Duty Training

For two weeks each year, New Mexico National Guard soldiers train in an active duty assignment to learn advanced skills or leadership practices. This training usually occurs at the location specific to the training mission, and it often requires the soldier to travel to the training site.

After completing active duty training, the soldier returns to the home unit to continue weekend training.

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