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Applying to Join New Mexico National Guard

Answer the call to service. Join New Mexico National Guard

Are you ready to be a part of the New Mexico National Guard? Begin by finding out how you can serve your community and country.

Weekend Plan: Joining the New Mexico National Guard

Now that you have learned about the benefits of serving in the New Mexico National Guard, and you see the benefits of your service to the community and nation, are you ready to join New Mexico National Guard?

When you are ready to join us, then call, email, or walk into one of our recruiting offices in New Mexico this weekend. We can help you create a bonus, training, education and career plan that rewards you as soon as you sign.

Join New Mexico National Guard

Contact a Recruiter

You have many options to consider when you join the New Mexico National Guard. Sometimes it is a good idea to simply talk about your choices with someone who understands how to make those choices work best for you. Speak with a recruiter to discover where and how you can serve. A recruiter will listen to your life story and help you find opportunities that work with your strengths and help you meet your education and career goals.

Complete the Application

The process to join the New Mexico National Guard begins when you apply and tell us about yourself. Our recruiters will assist you to share your education and work background and then determine the best options for your training and service.

Fitness Requirement

To serve effectively in the NMNG, you must maintain medical readiness that includes regular medical exams and physical training.

Medical Readiiness Forms

DD 2813
Department of Defense Active Duty/Reserve/Guard/Civilian Forces Dental Examination
DD Form 877
Request for Medical/Dental Records or Information
DA Form 4700
Medical Records-Supplemental Data
DD Form 2807
Report of Medical History;
DD Form 2808
Report of Medical Examination;
DA Form 3365
Authorization for Medical Warning Tag;
DA Form 5500
Body Fat Content Worksheet (Male);
DA Form 5501
Body Fat Content Worksheet (Female);
DD Form 2870
Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information;
MRC Code Definitions Reference