New Mexico National Guard Student Loans Scholarships

New Mexico National Guard student loans and scholarships can make it affordable for you to get the education you deserve without spending the rest of your life paying off debt. If you’re currently paying on a Title IV Federal Student Loan, our repayment program can help you get out from under the burden of the debt, but that’s only one of the numerous reasons to join the NMNG. You’ll find a wealth of information available on our website as you continue to explore its resources.

What Are the Benefits of Joining the National Guard?

As you read some of the information provided on our website, you’ll see there are many reasons to join the Guard. Your part-time commitment translates into full-time benefits, like a rewarding retirement plan, cash signup and reenlistment bonuses, military discounts, life & health insurance, continued education, and much, much more. You’ll also earn pay while you learn new skills that will further your career. Ask a recruiter in your community which jobs fit your skill sets or seem right for you, or click ‘Join Now’ to take the first steps on the path to a brighter future.

Does the National Guard Pay Off Student Debt?

If your student debt qualifies for our program, the Guard will help you get your debt paid off and offer tuition assistance and scholarships for future training and education, as well. The New Mexico National Guard Student Loan & Scholarship benefits also include the STA program that pays up to $4,000 in tuition if you decide to take courses in a local college or get a degree. Your family qualifies for benefits, too, if they go to school in New Mexico.

Additional Benefits

You’ll find there’s a lot to love about the National Guard when you browse our website to see what’s available to you. Start by visiting our site’s ‘Benefits’ section where you’ll find out about education, retirement pay, military discounts, insurance, and bonuses. From there, click on ‘Careers’ to choose from over 130 New Mexico National Guard careers for enlisted and officers. Move forward with your decision to join The Guard by learning about fitness requirements and taking the ASVAB. When you serve your country and community in the NMNG, we’ll reward you and your family.

Retire With Veteran Status

Join now and in just 20 years you’ll leave the National Guard as a veteran earning lifetime retirement pay. It’s easy to get started; in fact, you may wonder what took you so long to find out how you can start serving. Set aside one weekend each month and two weeks each year to serve and the National Guard will make it well worth your time and commitment.

Ask your current employer if your company offers assistance that will make it easier for you to keep working while you enter The Guard. If you’re in school, you may want to look into New Mexico National Guard student loans & scholarships to help pay for your education.

New Mexico National Guard Student Loans Scholarships