New Mexico National Guard Military Discounts

Check out New Mexico National Guard Military Discounts when you join The Guard and see your savings add up over a lifetime of benefits offered to you by the military. There are thousands of stores and websites that offer military discounts to active and retired military personnel- typically 10-20% discounted off of regular prices, with additional perks and benefits offered by many companies. If you’ve been thinking about your future and are looking for an excellent career opportunity, speak with a recruiter from The Guard in your community. We look forward to answering your questions.

What Are Military Discounts?

When you think about benefits offered by the military, the GI Bill or retirement benefits might come to mind. Don’t discount the value of New Mexico National Guard Military Discounts when you add up the benefits offered to you as a member of The Guard. Retail discounts can quickly lead to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings every year, especially if you plan to buy a new vehicle or purchase a home. Some of the most valuable military discounts from retail stores include:

  • Military incentives from auto dealerships
  • Discounts in hundreds of restaurants throughout the US
  • Clothing discounts between 5-35%, depending on where you shop; retail stores range from Bass Pro to Cabelas.
  • Serious shoe and boot discounts in some of the most reputable stores across the country
  • Travel & hotel discounts up to 25% with your military ID
  • Resort discounts to save money when planning a vacation
  • Entertainment & attraction discounts in places like Busch Gardens, Carnival Cruises, Sea World, Six-Flags, and Wildlife Conservation locations
  • Computer & Electronics discounts from Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, Samsung, and others
  • Sporting Goods military discounts on equipment and clothing
  • Health & Wellness discounts for supplements & vitamins
  • Education discounts in Universities and online campuses
  • Movie pass discounts in popular theaters
  • And much, much more

Why Does the Military Provide Benefits?

While you’re serving your country and community in the New Mexico National Guard, we’re taking care of you and your family, with military benefits that provide value to you. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a member of The Guard include tuition assistance and free college, health & life insurance, retirement benefits, and cash bonuses on occasion. Your NG Military Discounts continue for life when you retire from the New Mexico National Guard, and are ongoing throughout active or reserve duty.

Further Your Career in The Guard

New Mexico National Guard Military Discounts are just one perk of joining; you’ll learn more about the many advantages offered when you reach out to a recruiter in your area who can answer your questions and help you take the first step in joining the NMNG. Career opportunities are numerous, with more than 130 careers to choose from. There’s more to life when you serve in The Guard- more adventure, more opportunities to help others while advancing your skills and securing your future. Find out more when you call the New Mexico National Guard.

New Mexico National Guard Military Discounts