New Mexico National Guard Insurance

New Mexico Army National Guard offers the best New Mexico National Guard Insurance benefits to its employees. By joining the National Guard, you get trained on helping, recovering, and restoring communities.

Educational requirements to get into National Guard

The New Mexico National Guard has a set of physical, academic, and legal pre-requisites that you must meet with, to qualify for the US National Guard. If you are in high school, you must have a high school diploma or GED certificate as a minimum requirement.

Furthermore, you must meet the necessary moral and medical requirements. Besides these, you must obtain the minimum qualifying score on the ASVAB exam to become a member of the National Guard. If you're lacking a high school diploma, the US National Guard will consider your GED certificate. But you may be at a certain disadvantage to be considered for some of the opportunities within the organization. Without a high school diploma, the US National Guard may look for an alternative credential that is equally acceptable.

Insurance for National Guard members

One of the greatest benefits of joining us is the New Mexico National Guard Insurance. You and your family get access to the best medical care and insurance coverage for medical expenses (SGLI) in the country when you work for us. For your service commitment of just one weekend per month, you and your family qualify for comprehensive health coverage. Our insurance partner TRICARE Reserve Select offers the best medical and dental coverage along with pharmacy coverage to all our members. 

Apart from SGLI, you may also enjoy exclusive rates and coverage options from many commercial insurance providers as well, for being a part of the US National Guards. These commercial insurance providers also extend their low rate policies to your spouses, children, and even grandchildren.

What does the US National Guard do?

The federal and state Governments activates the National Guard soldiers and airmen during times of war and national emergencies. The State Government can also activate the members upon state emergencies and on affairs of homeland defense. Furthermore, the units or troops serve the National Guard under two titles: federal soldiers or airmen, state soldiers or airmen.

When the units are on state duty, the governor of the state becomes their commander-in-chief. Governors of the US states most commonly deploy national guard units at times of natural disasters to rescue, recover, and rebuild the community. US national guard units may also take charge under state orders to control local riots, civil unrest, terrorist attacks, etc.

The US National Guard units also serve a country/state/community on orders of the federal government. If the President declares a national emergency, a unit may have to serve duty for 24 consecutive months at the maximum. Furthermore, the units or an individual may be assigned to an operational mission, to handle unlawful obstructions, to manage assemblages and rebellion, to tackle insurrection, domestic violence, etc.

Contact the New Mexico Army National Guard for more details on our highly rewarding New Mexico National Guard Insurance. By joining us, you not only get a new degree but also learn a new job, train on new skills, and enjoy several benefits. Join us today!

New Mexico National Guard Insurance