New Mexico National Guard College

The New Mexico National Guard College trains you to become a part-time or full-time member of the New Mexico Army National Guard. Our members also qualify for distance learning solutions and get to earn college-level credits by passing the ECE exams, which is free to all military personnel.

Do six years in the National Guard make you a veteran?

No, but anybody that has served 20 years or more in the National Guard is considered a veteran. Earlier, National Guard members were given the veteran status only after service of 180 days or more serving the National Guards. The new law defines that anybody eligible for reserve component retirement benefits is a veteran, regardless of whether or not they have worked on any missions or had any deployments.

This means that even those US National Guard members that have served the organization for over 20 years but never activated on an overseas mission may still enjoy the honor as a veteran and the monetary and non-monetary benefits that come with it. All veterans with a service period of 20 years or more are eligible to receive retirement incentives.

Getting a job after serving in the National Guard

While we recruit young adults from the age of 17 or right out of high school, we by no means encourage or propagate high schoolers to leave school to join us. Those with a high school diploma enjoy more opportunities in the National Guard service and have more scope for professional growth than those without a high school diploma.

We also offer tuition assistance to all our members that wish to pursue a college education. National Guard is a part-time service that requires your participation for just one weekend a month, along with two weeks of training. You must equip yourself with all the vital tools to help yourself find a civilian job even if you are a member of the National Guards. Several sub-departments within the Guard allows you to train and gather valuable hands-on experience while doing a job.

The intense training, discipline, and knowledge that you gain at the National Guards is an asset that will benefit you throughout your life. Nevertheless, you must take active measures to find a civilian job that you excel at or find a job where you can use or implement your military training and skills.

Minimum requirements to qualify for National Guard

You must be between the ages of 17 and 35 and should be a citizen or a permanent resident of the United States. Furthermore, you must meet the fitness, medical, and moral requirements and must pass the ASVAB exam with the minimum qualifying score to become a member of the National Guards. You must hold a GED certificate as a minimum educational requirement and have a high school diploma to earn a place at the National Guards.

The New Mexico Army National Guard members can earn credits that are recognized by over 900 colleges and universities. The New Mexico National Guard College can equip you with the essential tools and skills to find a civilian job of your choice.

New Mexico National Guard College