New Mexico National Guard Bonuses

New Mexico Army National Guard is one of the greatest places to work. It not only opens a lot of doors career-wise, but all National Guard recruits enjoy the unsurpassable New Mexico National Guard bonuses.

Careers after service at the National Guard

There is a common myth that veterans, active duty service members, and members of the armed forces have a difficult time finding jobs after their service in the national guards or US Military. However, this is not true as finding a job can be hard for anyone, let alone members of the National Guard. What can make the job finding the process more challenging is their transition from military life to civilian life.

The skills and lessons that you learn in military training are valued highly by most employers and large-sized organizations. For instance, an ex-National Guard member may find it quite easy to apply and get placed in a Government or a contractor job. Most Government jobs highly value military skills like security clearance. Also, the construction industry may be the perfect arena for veterans and ex-military members, as it perfectly complements your military experience.

Besides these careers, personal trainer, fitness instructor, GYM teacher, cybersecurity jobs, customer service representative, logistics, operations, and transport managers, etc. are some of the other roles that are perfect for ex-Guards servicemen. If you have a college degree along with National Guard experience, it can open for you a plethora of civilian job opportunities with lucrative salaries. Not just that, by serving part-time at the National Guards, you get to work on a full-time job all through the year while still receiving an exclusive range of New Mexico National Guard bonuses.

Challenges of being a part of the US National Guard

While serving the country is one of the most gratifying jobs, there are a few challenges that the US National Guard members face. The job comes with a time commitment, and you must enlist for at least three years. Quitting halfway is not an option for the soldiers and airmen under the US National Guard. The National Guard works on both the state as well as federal orders, so the members must be prepared to arrive for duty at all times.

Lastly, the job encompasses overseas deployments during times of war. In such situations, the members must prepare themselves physically and mentally to leave their families and fight for the country selflessly. This requires a lot of determination, courage, and emotional maturity.

Bonuses for National Guards

Members of the National Guards are eligible for a wide range of bonuses apart from their salaries, benefits, and insurance. Some of these bonuses include off-peak (OP) ship option bonus, enlistment affiliation bonus (EAB), reenlistment/extension bonus (REB), MOS conversion bonus (MOSCB), Montgomery GI bill kicker, student loan repayment program (SLRP), etc.

Get in touch with the New Mexico Army National Guard for more details on New Mexico National Guard bonuses. When you begin your career with us, you not only become a part of the best organization in the world, but your future holds endless opportunities. 

New Mexico National Guard Bonuses