New Mexico National Guard Benefits

New Mexico Army National Guard can change your life and make it purposeful and gratifying. By being a part of US national guard, you not only get to serve your country and community but also have access to a wide array of New Mexico National Guard benefits.

Is the National Guard part of the US Army?

The US National Guard is a part of the United States Armed Forces. It is a reserve military force, and all members of the National Guard fall under members of the United States military. Both the state as well as the Federal Government control the National Guard. Most of the soldiers and airmen under the US National Guard hold a full-time civilian job besides serving part-time as a member of the National Guard.

The members carry on their duties under two titles: federal soldiers or airmen and state soldiers or airmen. The state government is also at liberty to employ their National Guard soldiers for state purposes. Furthermore, the Governor can activate the National Guard personnel in response to natural and man-made disasters or on affairs of Homeland security.

Benefits of being a part of the US National Guard

The New Mexico National Guard benefits makes it one of the best employers in the world. Some of the benefits that members of the National Guard enjoy include:

  • Provides educational opportunities - Members of the National Guard can claim up to 100% tuition assistance within the organization. They also offer easy loan repayment programs to help members keep personal debt under control.
  • Access to the GI Bill - With the GI Bill, the US National Guard covers tuition costs and offers a stipend for purchasing books and other educational material. The family members are also entitled to receive these benefits.
  • Offers job training benefits - The National Guard allows its members to choose a specialization of their choice within the organization. From police services, medical services, aerospace, and aviation, to engineering, there are over 150 different jobs available within the organization. The members can choose a field of their choice and receive intensive training on the same.

Besides, the National Guard also offers plenty of scope for personal development and developing leadership skills. All members also receive a paycheck during the time of training as well as at the time of deployment.

Medical and dental coverage under National Guard

All members of the National Guard, along with their family members, are eligible for low-cost health insurance. This insurance includes TRICARE dental and medical Insurance, which allows members to avail treatment from more than 65,000 dentists nationwide. This policy offers comprehensive dental and medical coverage. Besides this insurance policy, a member is also eligible for servicemembers group life insurance (SGLI). SGLI is low-cost life insurance available for the members of the Air Guard, and it offers coverage up to $400,000.

Contact the New Mexico Army National Guard today for details on joining and recruitment. It is one of the most promising careers with plenty of potential for growth and a myriad of New Mexico National Guard benefits.

New Mexico National Guard Benefits