New Mexico National Guard Education Office

New Mexico National Guard Education Office

NM National Guard Education Office


The mission of the Education Services Office is to support the voluntary civilian education programs of the Soldiers of the New Mexico Army National Guard. Civilian education is related directly to recruiting and retaining quality Soldiers, enhancing their career progression, both military and civilian, and increasing the combat readiness of the Army National Guard.

You can download our handbook here.

Group Email:

Office Phone: (505) 407-3403
Bonus Hotline: (505)407-3300  Ext.200329

Incentive Manager:
MSG Richard Gonzales
(505) 407-3300 ext 200273

Assistant Incentive Manager:
SFC Mark Martinez
(505) 407-3300 ext 200464

SLRP Manager:
SGT Jennifer Castillo
(505) 407- 3300 ext 200131

Education Services Officer:
Mr. Mark Lopez
(505) 407-3300 ext 200414

Tuition Assistance Manager:
Mr. Xavier Romero
(505) 407-3300 ext 200617

GI Bill Manager:
Ms. Prudence Chiquito
(505) 407-3300 ext 200156


Joint Force Headquarters New Mexico
47 Bataan Blvd.,
Santa Fe, NM 87509


The Education Services Office is open, Monday through Friday, 0730 to 1700 Hrs. Appointments are recommended for soldiers and required for civilians

Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)

Eligibility: After completion of AIT and SSD1
Covers up to $250 per semester hour for up to 16 semester hours per fiscal year
Up to 139 semester hours total for a bachelors and up to 39 semester hours total for a masters

Credentialing Assistance (CA)

Provides Soldiers with up to $4,000 each year to pay for more than 1,600 credentials

The NMARNG State Tuition Assistance

Tuition up to $250 per semester hour for up to 16 semester hours annually for 130 undergraduate semester hours.

Montgomery GI Bill (Chapters 1606, 1607, 30, and 33)

GI Bill Kicker: Supplement to the GI Bill, additional $350 paid to Soldier