Interstate Transfer

Interstate Transfer

Current Guard Soldiers

If you are moving to New Mexico we encourage you to become a member of the New Mexico Army National Guard. Frankly, we don’t care where you live as long as you can make it to your scheduled drills. You can take advantage of our state tuition assistance to any state college or university for undergraduate studies along with the other great benefits of joining the New Mexico Army National Guard. We invite you to browse this website to learn more about us and the opportunities for you.

The Process

It’s pretty simple really. In fact it’s one of the easiest things we do as recruiters. All it takes is a completed NGB Form 22-5 amending your current DD Form 4. To smooth the process, make sure you have a current PHA and APFT and that you clear supply with your losing unit. Your New Mexico Army National Guard recruiter will help you find a new unit here in New Mexico. Once the NGB 22-5 is signed you have 60 days to report to your new unit.


Interstate Transfers are regulated by NGR 600-200 Chapter 4 Section IV. You can look it up but we will save you the trouble…

The Interstate Transfer policy allows a Guard Soldier relocating to another state to reenlist into the Army National Guard of the new state. It also permits Soldiers to transfer for the purpose of functioning in a position in which MOS qualified or transfer to enter active duty with a unit being called into Active Federal Service. Interstate transfer is also an effective tool that allows National Guard Soldiers to join units in another state to be given the opportunity to serve in their current career fields rather than being retrained.

We cannot transfer soldiers:

  1. Who do not meet medical retention standards. Waiver is not authorized.
  2. Who do not meet the standards of AR 600-9. Waiver may be authorized by the gaining state if the Soldier is making satisfactory progress in the weight control program.
  3. Within four months of current ETS at time of request for transfer, unless they immediately reenlist or extend their current enlistment on or before the effective date of the Interstate Transfer. Waiver is authorized.
  4. With nine or more unexcused absences within the preceding 12 months. Waiver is authorized.
  5. Who do not have a current APFT (within the last APFT cycle). Waiver may be authorized by the gaining state.
  6. Who is enrolled or pending enrollment in the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP).

Get Started

Contact our Interstate Transfer (IST) Coordinator or your local Army National Guard Recruiter. 

SFC Gualterio Quintana
Interstate Transfer (IST) Coordinator