Improve your ASVAB GT Score

Improve your ASVAB GT Score

Improve your ASVAB GT score

Current New Mexico Army National Guard Soldiers can participate in a unique program to improve their ASVAB GT score. Sponsored by the NMARNG Recruiting and Retention Battalion, the GT Enhancement Course is a great way to meet the qualifications for OCS, WOCS, or MOS reclassification. Get all the information below.

Course Information

Who: Current New Mexico Army National Guard Soldiers
What: GT Improvement Training
When: Next class TBD
Where: Determined by location of majority of students
Why: OCS, WOCS, or MOS reclassifications
Info: Seating is limited to 15 Soldiers. A RFO and pre-test is required to be selected for seating.
Contact: Officer Strength Manager

CPT Jared Barreras

Course FAQs

  1. Will I be on orders / in a duty status?
    A. Yes, for 5 days. In addition, you will be on orders for one day for testing. Soldiers must obtain approval from their Chain of Command prior to attending the class. All request for orders (RFO) MUST be sent from the Soldier’s unit to the Point of Contact. RFOs will be requested for six days. Soldiers will be notified via their email address.
  2. Will there be meals provided?
    A. No. All meals will be the responsibility of the student.
  3. Is lodging provided?
    A. Soldiers outside of the commuting area will be given per diem.
  4. What are the class times daily?
    A. Class begins at 0830 and ends at 1700. There is a 1 hour lunch period daily.
  5. Is there transportation provided?
    A. No. All transportation will be the responsibility of the student.
  6. Are there any pre-requisites? A pre-test?
    A. The Point of Contact will have more information.
  7. Is there daily physical training?
    A. There is no organized formal PT scheduled. Physical training is the responsibility of the student.
  8. What is the uniform for the class?
    A. Duty uniform for each student – ACUs/OCPs.
  9. Is there a packing list of items needed for this class?
    A. Bring a pen and a notepad. All other items will be provided for you.
  10. What else do I bring?
    A. Bring your motivation and your positive attitudes, and be prepared to learn!

Course Curriculum

The GT Enhancement Course is a 5-day intensive course designed to help you achieve a GT score of at least 110. This score will open many doors for you, such as the possibility of becoming an Officer Candidate, Warrant Officer, or joining another MOS with this gateway score. Students will be expected to have reviewed and mastered the times tables 1×1 through 12×12 before the first day as this basic skill will significantly increase your speed on the GT test. It is highly recommended you go online to various websites that let you review the times tables through drill and repetition games prior to the course. is one such site. The curriculum will cover three components:

Basic math to include pre-algebra: this will take 2/3 of the class time. Concepts reviewed include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions, decimals, and percentages; conversion of fractions to decimals and vice versa; mix fractions; extensive word problems in all basic math areas; proportions word problems; computing simple interest; the distance formula; basic geometry formulas; finding perimeter, area, and volume. Because the basic math portion of the GT is almost all words problems, we will practice extensively on these.

Paragraph comprehension: This will take 1/6 of the class time. You will learn strategies to maximize your reading comprehension, including finding the main idea, finding supporting details, eliminating obviously wrong answers, trigger words in answers to avoid, and more.

Vocabulary: This will take 1/6 of the class time. The vocabulary part of the GT involves matching synonyms, words that mean close to the same thing. You will master approximately 120 of the most common words found on the GT, along with groups of synonyms for each.

Practice Tests: The first day of class and the last day of class you will take a timed practice GT test. This will give you experience with the test and give us a baseline to evaluate your progress over the course of the week. The instructor will go over the final test Friday and look at test taking strategies.