New Mexico National Guard Commitment to Serve

Serving makes a big difference for you and the people and places around you

Where can you go, and what can you do, when you spend just one weekend per month serving in the New Mexico National Guard? You can be a part of missions and projects that help communities throughout New Mexico and improve the quality of life and our environment. These missions also train you to be prepared to protect and recover from natural disasters and accidents. Your New Mexico National Guard Commitment helps the Guard maintain a strong, dependable and secure resource. Join the Guard today!

Improving the Environment and Infrastructure

The New Mexico National Guard offers support to build and maintain safe access to roads, bridges, and water. Engineering missions that need heavy equipment often rely on New Mexico National Guard units to move soil, debris, and even snow to keep roads open in challenging weather and landscape conditions. One of our guard units might be the one that helps bring fresh potable water to an underserved area—you can be a part of this!

New Mexico is a beautiful state with incredible natural resources. You can get involved with our continuing effort to clean up and restore areas for conservation and public use. Your commitment to join this effort will be appreciated by your peers and community in and outside of New Mexico.

New Mexico National Guard Commitment

Be a Part of New Mexico

Your New Mexico National Guard service has a positive impact on you and the people around you, including your family, friends, and employers. Serving your country in the state of New Mexico offers many ways to be a part of our national defense without going very far from home. The NMNG also leads humanitarian efforts in the U.S. and overseas as well as organizing youth support programs in New Mexico.

The New Mexico National Guard also recognizes the people and places that support your commitment, such as employers that allow you to take two weeks of active duty training, These supporters know how your service teaches you skills that improve your work performance and time managerment. We try to show our gratitude for your supporters as much as possible.

Many Ways to Serve

Some of the best things about serving in the New Mexico National Guard are the choices you get when you commit. You can plan your military occupation specialty training, education, and career—one weekend at a time.

Speak with a New Mexico National Guard recruiter about creating a future that is custom planned to fit your needs and benefit the people around you.

View our benefits page for to learn more about New Mexico National Guard benefits.