New Mexico National Guard Career Enlisted

Your Military Career from the Beginning

Any time is the right time to start your military service by joining New Mexico National Guard as an enlisted soldier. Do you have New Mexico National Guard Career Enlisted questions? Contact a Recruiter at the Guard today!

Learn Discipline While Learning New Disciplines

While you become part of a military unit, you learn how to perform better as an individual and as a team member. Joining the NMNG provides the training that you can use to successfully complete projects whether on a duty weekend or during the week in your civilian job.

New Mexico National Guard Career Enlisted

Earn Respect While Achieving Results

The NMNG is a great way to complete the training, assignments, and education goals you need to be promoted As you earn your stripes you also earn more responsibility within your unit and the respect of your peers and officers. The National Guard offers promotions to the highest enlisted ranks.

Can't wait to begin serving in the New Mexico National Guard?

If you are interested, you must pass a physical exam, have at least a high school education, and meet other requirements. Speak to a recruiter to learn how you might qualify to serve our nation in the New Mexico National Guard.

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