New Mexico National Guard Careers

A Military Career, One Weekend at a Time

You can build your military career in the New Mexico National Guard by training one weekend per month and two weeks of active duty per year. As you gain needed skills and develop leadership abilities, you may qualify for promotion through the enlisted or officer ranks. New Mexico National Guard Careers can change your life for one weekend a month. Join the Guard today!

Where You Can Serve in the New Mexico National Guard

You can help meet many critical needs of your neighbors in the New Mexico National Guard. There are training operations throughout the state that help communities and support military forces in the U.S. and abroad. Working in these units develops skills and habits that are valued in both military and civilian workplaces.

For example, the 920th Engineer Company operates heavy equipment that moves dirt, rocks, and even snow to construct and clear many types of transportation surfaces in New Mexico, the U.S., and overseas when needed.

New Mexico National Guard Careers

The 515th Regiment (RTI) develops Officers through the Officer Candidate School and train Soldiers through the Basic Leadership Course, Motor Transport Operator (88M) as One Army School System (OASS) for the ARNG, USAR, and AC.

New Mexico National Guard units support and honor the local community, serving veterans, youth, and the environment. You can be a part of this by spending one weekend per month plus two weeks of training per year.

Career Development

The National Guard prepares you for military occupation specialities (MOS) including aviation, munitions,maintenance mechanics, and medical that can help you start or enhance your civilian career. There is a critical need throughout New Mexico for the skills you could learn while serving in the National Guard.

Your career can also grow within the military. If you are already a professional field such as an engineer or doctor, and if you're interested in becoming an officer(link) or even a warrant officer(link), then the NMNG provides many opportunities to use your expertise to establish your military career as an officer. If you are enlisted but seeking a promotion to the officer ranks, your education and training can prepare you, one weekend at a time.

Careers for Military and Civilians

Are you curious about the needs and open positions for soldiers in the New Mexico National Guard? If you want to join, you can decide where your interests, skills, and education or career goals align with military occupation specialties in the New Mexico National Guard.

Are you a civilian looking for ways to give back to your community without joining the New Mexico National Guard? There are opportunities throughout the state in administrative, maintenance and training positions. You can have a positive impact on the unit while adding skills and experience to your resume, which can help you establish a career in government service.

Talk with your recruiter about these opportunities and how you can apply to work as a member of the New Mexico National Guard or as a civilian employee.