Retirement Plan

New Mexico National Guard Retirement Plan

Spending Weekends with NMNG has a Long-term Payoff

One weekend per month, two weeks per year…next thing you know, 20 years of service has passed—and now you qualify for retirement benefits! The New Mexico National Guard Retirement Plan is just one of many reasons to Join the Guard today!

Retirement Pay

When you serve at least 20 years of service—add up active duty, Reserve and National Guard—you have earned monthly retirement pay for the rest of your life. You receive this retirement pay even if you have a retirement pension in your civilian job! View our benefits page for to learn more about New Mexico National Guard benefits.

Ask your recruiter about the Title 32 retirement plan.

New Mexico National Guard Retirement Plan

Veterans Benefits

You don't need a long military career to be rewarded for your service. When you complete your commitment and are honorably discharged, your New Mexico National Guard service qualifies you for veteran's benefits at the state and federal level.

You will be recognized as a veteran, which is a special status that earns respect from military and civilian communities. Many organizations offer opportunities to veterans because of the skills, experience and leadership qualities you developed as a member of the New Mexico National Guard.

If you already are serving and are considering transferring to the National Guard, you might be closer to veteran status. Ask your recruiter about the benefits of being a veteran and how you might qualify.

Disability Retirement Benefits

If you retire and can also claim at least 10 percent service-related disability, you can receive health care, vocational training and even burial benefits from the Veterans Administration.

Speak with your recruiter about your eligibility for VA disability benefits.