New Mexico National Guard Insurance for Soldiers and Their Families

You take care of your country, the NMNG takes care of you and your family

You and your dependents benefit from insurance coverage available because of your National Guard service. New Mexico National Guard Insurance is just one of many reasons to Join the Guard today!

Military Health Insurance for National Guard Members and Dependents

Your service in the New Mexico National Guard provides peace of mind to your local community as well as to our country. You deserve the same peace of mind for the healthcare of you and your family. You have options to monitor and maintain your health using coverage for National Guard members.

Even when your New Mexico National Guard service is just one weekend per month plus two weeks of additional training, you may qualify forcomprehensive health coverage. TRICARE (hyperlink to Reserve Select provides health and dental plans as well as mental health and pharmacy coverage. Line of Duty Care covers you if you are injured or become ill during your training time including while you are traveling to and from your training location.

New Mexico National Guard Insurance

Military Life Insurance Plans and Benefits

Do you want to purchase life insurance but can't get it on your own or through your civilian employer? Your investment of one weekend per month offers a valuable opportunity to invest in a military life insurance policy that protects you and your family from financial hardship due to injury or illness.

National Guard members are eligible for Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI) and are covered even when they are not training or on active duty. Families are also eligible for the Family Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (FSGLI). Theselow-cost plans offer peace of mind for the entire family.

Speak with a recruiter about the type of covereage you might need and the premium rates available for different coverage amounts.

Commercial Insurance

In addition to SGLI that is available to all military servicemembers, many commercial insurance providers offer exclusive rates and coverage options to National Guard members. These providers understand the unique challenges to security and safety that are faced by military families, and their policies reflect the respect and appreciation for military service.

Many commercial insurance providers also realize the value of working with military families and extend their coverage to spouses, children, and even grandchildren. You are setting up a legacy of exclusive savings for generations with a time commitment of only one weekend per month plus two weeks per year.

View our benefits page for to learn more about New Mexico National Guard benefits.