Up to 100% Free College Tuition

Up to 100% Free College Tuition

Up to 100% Tuition & Fees. Can be used in conjunction with FTA. Associate's and Bachelor's level. Payment directly to school upon successful completion of course.

Learning and Earning in the New Mexico National Guard

Training in the National Guard can be a part of your education and help you meet your goals. New Mexico National Guard College Education benefits is just one of many reasons to Join the Guard today!

Earn Education Credits from New Mexico National Guard Training

Did you know that serving in the New Mexico National Guard for just one weekend per month plus two weeks of additional duty can help you bypass years of college classes and maintain your professional license or certification?

Qualified service members can take the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams as well as the DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSSTs) to earn college credits, saving time and tuition.

Many New Mexico National Guard training courses, especially in subjects helping soldiers meet critical needs, qualify or are approved for continuing education or professional development units (CEUs amd PDUs). You would be paid to work toward a degree or certification!

New Mexico National Guard members also qualify for distance learning solutions through Excelsior College and may earn college-level credit by passing the Excelsior College Examinations (ECE). The ECE is free to all military personnel and is accepted at over 900 colleges and universities.

New Mexico National Guard College Education

Talk with your New Mexico National Guard recruiter about training that can help you earn education credit.

Advance Your Career with Specialized Training and Education

Training and promotion go hand in hand in the military.

Your New Mexico National Guard training focuses on projects and goals that help you and your colleagues gain the skills, confidence and responsibility that are required to advance your military career. Completing a training program may be recognized by New Mexico National Guard with a promotion in rank and leadership.

During your two weeks of active duty, you are offered a more intensive training opportunity that brings you closer to your peers in the same military occupational specialty (MOS) to develop your problem solving skills together.

Your New Mexico National Guard training can often be applied to civilian jobs and service with similar specialized needs. Your New Mexico National Guard training is highly respected and may also help you gain entry into civilian advanced certification or higher education degree programs.

Get the Support to Complete Your Education

In addition to the pay, benefits, training and learning opportunities, and credits to support your education effort, the New Mexico National Guard offers education counseling to help you choose the curriculum that is right for you.

Your future is important to you, which is why your commitment to our country is very important to the New Mexico National Guard. We want to help you make decisions about your training, projects, and career that benefit you and your community, the military, and our country.

The New Mexico National Guard is a great resource for you to start or complete your education and then apply your skills and knowledge in your military and civilian careers. If you need guidance at any time to discover the opportunities for you that deliver the best outcomes, we offer counselors for every stage of your service.

Just think about how much you get for giving one weekend per month to serve your country.

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