Recruitment, Retention New Mexico National Guard Bonuses

Come Join NMNG for the Weekend and Stay a While

Eligible recruits and soldiers may receive up to $20,000 to join or remain in the New Mexico National Guard. New Mexico National Guard Bonuses are just one reason to Join the Guard today!

Recruitment Bonus

Recruits who serve in a critical military occupational specialty (MOS) may be eligible for a bonus of up to $20,000. Speak with a New Mexico National Guard recruiter to find out if your desired MOS qualifies for a recruitment bonus

New Mexico National Guard Bonuses

Reenlistment/Extension Bonus

Already serving in the NMNG and want to continue? Extending your enlistment or commission may qualify you for a $20,000 bonus from the NMNG.
Enlisted NMNG members who receive a commission for officer or warrant officer and agree to continue serving may qualify for a $20,000 bonus.

Prior Service Enlistment Bonus

Current and former Army enlisted soldiers and officers with in-demand MOS skills may qualify for a $20,000 bonus to join the NMNG to continue their service. View our benefits page for to learn more about New Mexico National Guard benefits.