New Mexico National Guard Benefits

What One Weekend Can Do For You

Your New Mexico National Guard duty of just one weekend per month and two weeks each year rewards you, your family, and your community. New Mexico National Guard Benefits are just one of many reasons to Join the Guard today!

Duty and Bonus Pay

The time you spend in the New Mexico National Guard is a great investment. You earn money for your service—extra income that adds up to thousands of dollars. You learn skills that are in demand in the workforce, so you can find jobs with higher pay that boost your career. And when you sign up or renew your commitment, you might qualify for bonuses that offer even more money.

Ask your recruiter how you can earn bonuses for joining or renewing your service in the New Mexico National Guard. You could receive up to $20,000 in bonuses depending on your skills and assigned military occupation specialty (MOS).

The other three weekends of your month wish they could reward you as much as your National Guard weekend.

New Mexico National Guard Benefits

Training, Scholarships and Tuition Reimbursement

The New Mexico National Guard offers many ways for you to afford your your continuing education and training. Are you still in high school or completing a GED? You can start training with the New Mexico National Guard now and earn money while you plan for college or vocational training, especially if you are interested in learning skills that meet critical needs. You can also join JROTC and prepare to become a cadet when you enter college.

Are you enrolled in a New Mexico college or university now? The New Mexico National Guard offers tuition reimbursement to qualified soldiers, and Military Friendly® schools provide tuition assistance and waivers to soldiers and their families.

Would you like to be paid to learn new skills for a career change? You can do that when you join the New Mexico National Guard. One weekend per month plus two weeks per year, you work to complete projects while training with a supportive team and leadership. Your new MOS might qualify you for new assignments in the military or even a new job for a civilian employer.

Insurance and Shopping Discounts

Being a part of the New Mexico National Guard benefits your family in many ways, including military insurance and health coverage as well as access to shopping discounts during your active duty periods.

In appreciation of your commitment to serve, even for just one weekend per month, you become eligible for joining exclusive insurance groups that enjoy lower premiums and competitive investment returns. You qualify for Service members Group Life Insurance (SGLI) that covers your training periods including your travel to and from training.

Your New Mexico National Guard duty also places you in a group that enjoys premium banking and financial planning from providers that recognize and respect your service. You can open savings and credit accounts, retirement accounts, and obtain loans with great rates and even better customer attention.

You and your family gain access to commissaries and shopping clubs that offer in-store and online deals or tax-free purchases. Many retailers also show their respect for your service with military discounts available during your duty and training periods—some honor the discount any time!

Learn more about your insurance and shopping discounts options.

So, what are you doing this weekend?

We think it's safe to say there's dozens of great benefits available for you after joining the The New Mexico National Guard, from tuition assistance to health benefits to military discounts.

If you are still on the fence, we've put together a couple documents for you to read and review.  You can download that file here.